INPUT VOLTAGE(V):  100V-240Vac


PF:  ≥0.92


CCT:  4000K/5000K/5700K

CRI:  Ra>70

BEAM ANGLE:  8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70°

LAMP BODY MATERIAL:  ADC12 Aluminum alloy & RAL9007

IP: IP65

IK: IK08


ACCESSORIES: Customizable overflow cover/anti-collision net/sight/DMX512 converter/bird thorn/casing/lightning protection/sleeve rod


The 500-watt light fixture is only about 12.8 kilograms

500W-1500W Lumen output from 75,000lm up to 225,000lm

Complete Accessories
Light Weight
High Lumen Efficiency

High Lumen And High CRI

High efficiency 140lm/W

CRI 70/80/90 for option

Realize high-definition broadcast of venues

250W Modular Independent Power Supply Design

Reduces the cost of connecting wires and the risk of poor contact of joints.

Meet The 0° Elevation Angle Installation

Polarized 50/65 ° optical design meets 0 ° elevation installation requirements, greatly reduces construction costs, and controls glare.

IP65 Protection Level

Vacuum waterproof test design Excellent corrosion and rust resistance.

Riveted Fin Design

Hollow in the middle of the heat sink, increase air convection, better air convection than the first generation products, and better heat dissipation.

Tech Specs

Product Model Power LED Type CCT Luminous Efficiency Beam Angle Dimensions(mm) Net Weight(kg)
EN-FL-MS500W 500W PHILIPS 5050 4000K/5000K/5700K 130lm/W,140lm/W 8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70° 395*625*175 12.8
EN-FL-MS750W 750W PHILIPS 5050 4000K/5000K/5700K 130lm/W,140lm/W 8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70° 535*625*175 17.2
EN-FL-MS1000W 1000W PHILIPS 5050 4000K/5000K/5700K 130lm/W,140lm/W 8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70° 676*625*175 22
EN-FL-MS1250W 1250W PHILIPS 5050 4000K/5000K/5700K 130lm/W,140lm/W 8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70° 816*625*175 26.5
EN-FL-MS1500W 1500W PHILIPS 5050 4000K/5000K/5700K 130lm/W,140lm/W 8°,20°,40°,60°,49*21°,30*70° 956*625*175 31

Application Scenario

Widely used in schools, airports, ports, terminals sports facilities venues, community stadiums.buildings squares, high-speed pole lights, etc.

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