What considerations are needed for sports field lighting?

As people’s awareness of national fitness continues to increase, many places have begun to build sports venues. Lighting, as an essential part of sports venues, has become increasingly important, and the application of LED sports professional lighting fixtures has also received more attention. This article will guide you through what to consider when designing lighting […]

How to conduct sports arena lighting design?

The design of lighting for sports stadiums is primarily focused on meeting the lighting needs for sports such as football, track and field, rugby, and hockey. In football, the ball moves not only on the ground but also in the space between 10-30 meters above it. Therefore, a certain level of brightness needs to be […]

Everything to know about Sports Stadium Lighting Design

With the rise of sports events, various sports events are held around the world every year, every month, and even every day. People’s demand for sports lighting is also increasing, and the accompanying requirements are getting higher and higher. For modern sports stadiums, we not only want them to be beautiful and well-equipped, but also […]